Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

1. We act with integrity with everyone and in all that we do. Your respect is just as important as your business to us.

2. We ensure that we are competent in all we undertake on your behalf. Our competence is reflected in our approach and to ensure that the quality of service we provide exceeds your expectations.

3. We are conscientious, diligent and efficient as well as candid and honest in our dealings with you and our business partners.

4. We will always hold all information acquired in the course of doing business with you in strict confidence. We will be required to divulge information about you or your business in order to conduct negotiations with underwriters or insurers on your behalf. Notwithstanding this requirement, we shall not divulge any information unless authorized by you, or is required by law to do so.

5. We observe all relevant rules and laws regarding the preservation and safekeeping of your property.

6. We will never allow any outside interest to jeopardize our integrity, independence or
competence. We will disclose in writing to any client or prospective client any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest that is associated with a transaction or recommendation.

7. We will not stipulate, charge or accept any fee that is not fully disclosed, or the basis for which is not fully disclosed prior to the service being rendered.

8. We ensure that our products and services are available to you in an efficient and convenient manner consistent with our code of conduct.

9. We act with courtesy and good faith in all of our interactions with our clients, members
of the public, and all our business partners.

Our Code of Conduct is consistent with ONTARIO REGULATION 991 under the Registered Insurance Brokers Act Section 14.


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